The Church of the Incarnation is in compliance with the Archdiocese of Hartford in the Protecting God’s Children Program. All catechists (18 and over) have undergone a background check and have attended or will attend (new catechists) a comprehensive workshop on Protecting God’s Children. The following directives are put in place for the safety of our children as they attend Faith Formation classes.

Elementary schedule. (grades 1-6 begin on September 24th. Kindergarten begins on October 22nd. Grades K-3: 9:00-10:00 am:  Grades 4-6: 9:00-10:15am: Please arrive 15 minutes before class starts. Our classes begin at 9:00am sharp and it is imperative that all families respect the early arrival time. Parish Family home communities meet at various times.

There are two excused absences from all levels of Faith Formation. If more absences occur, the Director of Faith Formation will notify the parent and discuss the issue.

1. Children (Gr.4-6) may be dropped off in the circle next to the sidewalk. Children are to exit the car on the side of the sidewalk.

2. Children (Gr.K-3) must be accompanied into the building by a parent or guardian and brought to their classroom. If the catechist is not there, please bring your child back to the cafeteria. All catechists should arrive 30 minutes before class begins.

3. All children (Gr.K-6) must be picked up in the cafeteria.  The circle will be blocked off at dismissal.

4. *****No child will be excused from religious formation classes for the reasons of sports or extra-curricular activities.

5. *****If a child needs to be excused early because of a scheduled appointment or a family emergency, a note must be presented to the Director of Faith Formation. The child will be called from his/her community via the intercom. The parent must meet the child in the cafeteria in the presence of the director at the time of dismissal.

6. Parents are asked not to roam the building. You are welcome to wait in the cafeteria.

7. The front door of E-W will be locked on the outside after all children have arrived. Enter by the cafeteria door only. There will be a monitor at the door.

Parish Family Home Communities: Calendars and schedules will be sent out via e-mail or mail to the families.

1. Children are to be brought to the door of the family home or to the door of Father Crawford Hall. ( wherever the community meets)

2. Children are to be picked up at the door.

3. Please be mindful that children are to arrive on time and are to be picked up on time. This is most important.

4. *****No child will be excused for reasons of sports or extra-curricular activities.

5. *****If a person other than a parent is picking up your child, the catechist must be notified in advance via letter or telephone message.

Cancellations:, WFSB, WVIT, Fox TV  News, WDRC am, WTIC am. Please do not call the rectory.