This ministry is for children in
pre-K (4 year olds) thru 6th


                              "These are special gatherings of young children, apart from the main assembly, where the young are able to hear the Scriptures proclaimed and explained in language accommodated to their own developmental level."


To provide the youth of our parish with

1)a sense of welcome and belonging in the liturgical celebration;

2)a greater understanding of how to live the Gospel during the week by proclaiming the Sunday readings in a language that will be more clearly understood through the use of a Children’s Lectionary, and

3) further enhancing their understanding of those readings through a "reflection" (similar to a homily) geared toward children.


For Whom

Children age 4-Grade 6 are invited to participate. Children should be able to conduct themselves independently in a respectful, non-disruptive manner.  All children will gather to hear the Opening Prayer, First and/or Second Readings, Responsorial Psalm, and Gospel Reading. Following the Gospel, children in Grades 4-6 will proceed on stage to hear a reflection geared to their age-appropriate level. All others (age 4-grade 3) will stay with the main presiders to hear the reflection for the younger children in attendance. Children may, of course, choose to remain in the main church with their families. Participation is voluntary.


Where and When

Bimonthly at the Sunday, 9:30 a.m. Mass in the Father Crawford Hall starting in October and ending in May on the Sunday of the May Crowning.

Two schedules will be created per year. The first schedule will be created in September for "Fall" and will include the months of October – December. The second schedule will be created in December for "Winter/Spring and will include the months of January – May.


By Whom

A minimum of 10 teams of 2 presiders (20 people in total) for the younger children including 1 presider for the older children who rotate biweekly and are responsible for liturgical preparation. This configuration should allow a presider no more than two liturgies per season making it a non-burdensome ministry.




Presiders are responsible for reading the Sunday Scriptures and preparing a "reflection" by referencing websites such as FaithFirst.com, Loyolapress.com,and the Church's liturgy preparation references.  Presiders for the younger children will work in teams of two. The presider for the older children can coordinate with the younger group presiders but must prepare his/her own reflection. Presiders should plan accordingly when preparing for CLW. Time should be set aside for review and preparation with your partner ahead of time.  You should prepare the reflection and any accompanying materials by mid-week of the CLW date so you can ensure that any other presider can step-in and take over should you be unable to participate that week due to illness or some other emergency.

It is best to be prepared with additional material such as a story, poem, reading, or activity to fill-in space should your presentation run short.


Format and Resources

CLW, which lasts approximately 20 minutes, should include the following:

Opening Prayer

First Reading

Responsorial Psalm

Second Reading (Optional)



Proclamation of Faith

Prayer of the Faithful


The presider for the older children should review the entire week’s Liturgical Guide but needs only prepare:


Proclamation of Faith (Using copies of the Nicene Creed)

Prayer of the Faithful


Older children are welcomed and encouraged to participate in the liturgy. They can read the First and/or Second Reading, Responsorial Psalm, and Prayer of the Faithful. They CANNOT read the Gospel.


Presiders should prepare the reflection in a manner that will carry forth an important message. Try to carry the message or theme throughout the reflection and reinforce it at the end. Send the children forth with an idea to think about or an exercise to do during the week if appropriate. Repetition is essential.


Visuals should be included in the presentation (for both groups) and can consist of either a board or prayer table decorated and reflective of that week’s "theme" or "message" that is to be conveyed as part of the reflection.


It may be as simple or as elaborate as the team wishes. The presiders may also prepare handouts for the younger children if they deem appropriate. "Take-home" pamphlets are always available for the children that go along with the Liturgical Guide and should be passed out each week of CLW.

Presiders will also be asked to attend meetings on occasion to help maintain focus and offer one another support and guidance. These gatherings will happen no more than twice per year.