The Women's Club Executive Board is looking for a way to provide additional support to the very small committee membership currently involved with a majority of our programs. "Many hands make light the work." With everyone offering a helping hand we could ease the work of a few. Please consider even a small donation of your time in an area in which you would be willing to provide a helping hand.

If you're interested in joining the Women's Club, please fill out the Membership Application form below. Dues are $5, $10 or any other amount you choose per year. Dues payments and membership forms may be placed in the collection basket at church on any weekend.

Questions concerning membership should be addressed to:
Anne McAloon & Joyce Suffish
Enter your name:
Enter your address:
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I am a:
Your parish:
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I am interested in providing a helping hand with:
  • Morning setup for Thursday Women's Club Meeting
  • Cleanup after Women's Club Meeting
  • Bring a dessert for Women's Club Meeting
  • Help a Cooking Team
  • Help the Spiritual Team
  • Service on the Executive Board/Committee Support