CLW Minister of the Word Instructions

One - two Weeks Prior to your CLW Assignment:
1)  Pick up your Leader’s Guide and the Lectionary in the Church Hall, CLW closet.
2)  Checkout

for additional ideas to go with your theme, if needed, checkout these other helpful sites:

Sunday Childrens Focus

3)  Review the CLW Format (F)

4)  Contact Your Catechist (listed on your CLW schedule (A)the Monday prior to your assigned CLW date to begin the planning process. (Can be earlier, but no later!)

Assess their level of participation and assign accordingly (i.e., hold response signs, read lectionary, develop reflection, present reflection.)  Some catechists are very comfortable presenting and you will have minimal work, others are timid, and you will need to do most of the work.  You are the lead person.

5)  Coordinate visuals/focal center based on the gospel reflection that week
6)  You may provide children with some type of “take-home” if it coordinates with your reflection theme
 7)  Prepare your focal center on Saturday if possible to avoid last minute preparation on Sunday morning.

The Day of CLW:

1)  Arrive no later than 10:00 a.m. to complete set-up and/or meet with your catechist.

2)  You will process with the catechist and their class to the altar with the banner.  The children should meet in the Narthex prior to Mass (main entrance/back of the church).

9/21/15 Document (B)