Refreshments Instructions 

Fr. Crawford Hall

Please NOTE: Refreshments (juice and munchkins are provided by the church and will be delivered to the kitchen the morning of CLW.

Sunday Morning

  1. Arrive at Fr. Crawford Hall around 10:00 a.m. (Sunday)
  2. Setup:
    1. Cover the two tables near the kitchen in the hall with the white tablecloths found under the center island of the kitchen.
    2. Take out about 60 cups and napkins found in the kitchen pantry (tall shelving to left of refrigerator). Place napkins on covered tables. (NOTE: We do not use plates to encourage the children to take only a few munchkins.)
    3. Fill 4 trays (orange and green trays found under the counter facing the hall) with apple/orange juice (approximately) 12 cups on each tray and place the trays in the refrigerator. [Replenish accordingly.]
    4. Pull out 5 round plastic trays on the opposite side of the center island and place the munchkins on the trays. Cover with napkins and leave on the kitchen counter.
  1. Return back after communion, pull out the juice from the fridge, and place on tables along with the munchkins.

After the crowd has left, please be sure to:

  1. Wash, rinse, dry & put away trays.
  2. Clean up all counters with spray & paper towels. Throw out soiled tablecloths (leave on if clean) and dispose of any garbage in pails.

Thank you so much for hosting and enjoy!