Father FanelliHoly Orders is the sacrament through which men receive the power and grace to perform the sacred duties of bishops, priests, and other ministers of the Church. Christ Himself selected and ordained the first bishops, the Apostles. They the, following the will of Christ, consecrated other men as bishops and ordained priests and deacons.

An Incarnation Vocation Prayer Apostolate has been formed to foster and implement Archdiocesan programs and parish programs to pray for an increase in vocations to the priesthood and to the religious life. The Apostolate assists in the dissemination of vocations related materials.

Priests, deacons, parents, and all parishioners are asked to help stir the hearts of young men and women who feel a calling to the priesthood or religious life. The Apostolate participates in a monthly holy hour to pray for these special intentions. All parishioners
are invited to attend the holy hours.