Betty Ziter

Small groups of seven to ten men and women join together in a home setting to share our faith and to establish new friendships within the parish. Through the reading and discussion of scripture, we begin to connect our faith with everyday life and extend our understanding of what it is to be Christian.

  • Members meet once a month for 1 1/2 hours.
  • Each member brings a Catholic Bible and the reflection booklet QUEST is used as a reference.
  • When possible, individual members either host a meeting or furnish a dessert for a meeting.
  • We have no dues or officers. A facilitator guides each meeting.

Objectives of Small Christian Communities

  • To form friendships and pray with and for each other's special intentions
  • To enrich our lives through a greater understanding of Scripture and its relevance to everyday life.
  • To share our faith experience with others.
  • To contribute to the life of the parish through planned activities.