David A. Dolge Angel Butterfly Garden
Dedicated on May 20, 2007

The David A. Dolge Angel Butterfly Garden is dedicated to all children of our parish who now share in the glory of eternity. This contemplative garden invites all parishioners to reflect on the lives of our loved ones who have gone before us. May this garden, filled with butterflies, lift our spirits with a sense of hope and new life.

The planning of the butterfly garden was a prayer centered in the Lord and guided by the Holy Spirit. A special thank you to all who shared in the prayer and planning...

  • Brian and Johanna Dolge
  • Liana Marinelli
  • Rev. James M. Moran
  • Sam Pontacoloni
  • Mark Quinn
  • Bob and Priscilla Quinn
  • Gilda Saltarelli
  • Noranne Wamester
  • Maria Wilcox

"If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has gone, the new has come." -Corinthians 5:17

Butterfly Garden Dedication

Butterfly Garden DedicationIt was just a few days after David had died. We were gathered after the 9:30am mass talking about David with his family. Johanna shared with us the story of the butterfly garden that had been given to David by a good friend. David, Johanna, and Brian together raised caterpillars over several weeks. They watched them form into chrysalises and awaited their transformation into monarch butterflies. Once the butterflies emerged, they decided to release them on the day of the CYO boy's basketball tournament playoff in Boston. They sat in their backyard and released them one by one. One flew north, one flew east, one flew south, and one flew west. The last one lingered in David's hands and then flew to the gutter. Here, it stayed and watched David and his family depart for the tournament. That day the boys won the Deanery Championship. This was the start of the magic of butterflies for David and his family. Butterflies somehow suddenly became meaningful in David's struggle with cancer. David was like the small caterpillar that was trapped in a cocoon struggling to overcome the cancer that was now overtaking his body. He struggled and fought like the caterpillar in his confinement and was finally freed. On his last day, he was transformed and with a set of angelic wings, was taken up to heaven.

Johanna told me that immediately after his death, butterflies were appearing everywhere from the day of his wake and funeral to weeks later. After hearing this story, I knew David had a message for all of us. A message of everlasting peace and love that he wanted to share and spread. I was inspired that day to initiate the idea of building a butterfly garden in his memory that would be a tribute to him and other children who have passed away for years to come. I know that he wanted to send people the message of the butterfly, that though it lives a short life, it's a meaningful one that shows the joy, love and beauty that every person can share and spread in his or her lifetime.

And so it happened. The idea took on a personality and wings of its own. Fundraising began and it was amazing how our parish responded. It's such a blessing to be able to make such a small dream a reality. Looking here today and seeing what we, and David especially, have accomplished is amazing. I hope now that butterflies will have a special meaning in the hearts of all who will sit and reflect on the beauty of the garden. I hope they will remember David who has been its inspiration. The garden will be a lasting tribute to David and all young children whose lives were short, like the butterfly, but so very meaningful and important. Thank you again, We love you David!

Liana Marinelli