Tom Maynard

The Mission of the Respect Life Committee is to provide our parish with varied activities in which we can answer God's call to affirm the sanctity of all human life from conception to birth through childhood, adulthood, infirmity and old age. Respect Life Committee supports the pro-life activities of our parish, including Respect for Life Month programs (October), Annual March in Washington, DC to protest Wade V. Roe (January), Mothers' Day Rose Sale, communications support for St. Rachel's Vineyard and monthly collections for Birthright of Newington and St. Agnes Family Center, West Hartford.


  • Stocking literature racks at church entrances
  • Researching new literature and media sources
  • Computerizing membership, phone tree lists
  • Participating in our phone tree to mobilize membership
  • Participation in October Respect Life Activities
  • Help during the Mothers' Day Rose Sale

Stewardship Rewards and Opportunities

  • Personal satisfaction that comes from truly touching a human life
  • Opportunity to meet many warm, caring and spiritual people
  • Feel the joy of spreading the gospel in a practical and loving fashion