Together in Christ
Incarnation Family Newsletter

December 2010

Dear Family,

As we enter into the beautiful season of Advent awaiting the coming of the Savior of the world at Christmas, may we be reminded of the love, peace and hope that was born to us in the face of a child, the Son of God. Hope is life giving. May our world be awakened to hope and to love.
Blessings and Peace,
Noranne S. Wamester, Pastoral Associate

The Spirit of Community Our
faith formation communities are already actively learning about our Catholic faith and through many social outreach activities are living the gospel message. Our parish family is blessed to have such inspirational and faithful catechists to assist parents in the process of raising each child in the faith.

Turkey Dinner Collection
Our annual turkey dinner collection for our sisters and brothers in Wethersfield took place on Saturday, November 20th at the Emerson-Williams School. Our special family outreach was another wonderful blessing. Our families at all levels once again responded to the Gospel message of love compassion.

Children’s Liturgy of the Word
is a wonderful ministry for our children. Please join others in worship each weekend as we continue to center our lives in the Eucharist. Children’s Liturgy occurs every other weekend according to your calendars. New calendars will be distributed with the January newsletter. The CLW gatherings will be Dec. 5th and Dec.19th at the 9:30am Mass. If you would like to be a host family, please call Audrey Saharek at 860-529-2533.

Incarnation Nativity Pageant: Sunday: December 12th at 3:00pm. Please join our parish family as our choirs and parish members present a beautiful Christmas pageant.

Angel Tree: Our annual outreach to many agencies began on the weekend of Thanksgiving. Please visit the Narthex (front entrance of the church) and pick up an angel. All gifts are to be returned and placed under the tree on Dec.4/5 or Dec:11/12. Thank you to the Carcia family for bringing this ministry to us. Imagine, one child from a Children’s home asked for one gift only…. Rosary Beads. Praise God.

The Lighting of the Advent Wreath
All families and faith formation communities are encouraged to sign-up to be Advent wreath lighters. We encourage all age levels to light the wreath. This is a beautiful custom to celebrate the coming of our Savior. The sign-up poster is in the Narthex” I am the light of the world” says the Lord!
Finds us at: . Please visit us online!!! We are looking for interesting feature stories to shine on our site. If you have a story to share, please contact Noranne Wamester at 529-6765.

A Christmas Blessing
May there be harmony in all relationships. May sharp words, envious thoughts and hostile feelings be dissolved. May you give and receive love generously. May this love echo in your heart like the joy of church bells on a clear December day. May each person who comes into your life be greeted as another Christ. May the honor given the Babe of Bethlehem be that which you extend to every guest who enters your presence. May the hope of this sacred season settle in your soul. May it be a foundation of courage for you when times of distress occupy your inner land. May the wonder and awe that fills the eyes of children be awakened within you. May it lead you to renewed awareness and appreciation of whatever you too easily take for granted. May the bonds of love for one another be strengthened as you gather with your family and friends around the table of festivity and nourishment. May you daily open the gift of your life and be grateful for the hidden treasures it contains. May the coming year be one of good health for you. May you have energy and vitality. May you care well for your body, mind and spirit. May you keep your eye on the star within you and trust this luminescent Presence to guide and direct you each day. May you go to the Bethlehem of your heart and visit the One who offers you peace. May you bring this peace to the world. ‘Out of the Ordinary” by Joyce Rupp