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A Reflection from Noranne Wamester, Pastoral Associate

    Apr 14, 2020 | by Noranne Wamester

    Dear Parishioners,

    Indeed, we are experiencing a very real interruption in our lives from what they used to be. It is real and surreal. It is truly the absence of the presence that is sorely missed, both sacramentally and as a community. We also feel the pain of not gathering with family. And the most devastating pain is not being present to a loved one with the COVID-19 virus. Amidst our own personal inconveniences and challenges, let us as community lift up all who are suffering from this virus, their families, those who are working in the trenches, our doctors, nurses, CNAs, respiratory therapists, our first responders, those who are environmentally protecting each room and so many more who are unnamed who are trying so hard to save lives. Let us herald a huge thank you to all grocers, their staffs, truckers and essential workers for risking themselves for us. Let us lift up all who are helping all those who need masks...and so on. Bless those who are bringing hope to those who are alone and bless those who are connecting with their loved ones.

    We ask "WHY?” My reflection of these past days and weeks brings me to acknowledge that maybe we were going too fast. Maybe we all needed to slow down. Maybe we all needed to breathe deeply and just be. Maybe we all needed to be kinder to one another. And maybe we all needed to embrace our Loving Lord in a deeper way. We all have our own personal “maybes.” This is the time to CLAIM that Jesus Christ is Lord and aches for all of us and He is with us. It is not an easy time, but we are together in Christ.

    As we celebrate this Easter week, may I offer to you a poem that I wrote in February 2016. The experience of Holy Week and the absence of true community to one another spoke loud and clear that we need to stay connected. This poem is part of my mini-book that I am writing and I wish to share it with all of you. It is copywrited.

    Tapping on the Door of Your Heart

    Here I am. A guest at your door. Gently tapping, gently asking. 

    My friend, I tap and say. It is Jesus tapping on the door of your heart. 

    Will you open the door of your heart for me?

    I cannot find a handle on the door of your heart.

    And so, I patiently wait.

    Will you open the door of your heart to me?

                                  Do not fear,

    For I long to enter the door of your heart.

    I carry a light, I carry unconditional love,

    I carry understanding and compassion.

    I am gently tapping on the door of your heart.

    Trust Me.

    I am tapping on the door of your heart ever so gently to be welcomed into your life.

    Here I am. The One who hung on the Cross for you, Because I truly love you for who you are.

    Here I am. A guest at the door of your heart.

    Will you answer?

    I shall always wait for you.

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