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Important Information For Our Parishioners As We Resume Weekday Masses

    Jun 8, 2020 | by Church of the Incarnation

    Please know that Archbishop Blair has issued a dispensation from the obligation of attending mass. The decision regarding whether to attend mass and/or receive holy communion is left to the individual. Present restrictions warrant that we safely seat 60 people. A volunteer will count parishioners as they enter and offer direction.

    • For daily mass, Incarnation Church will open at 8:30am - no earlier. Entrance to the church will be through disabled door only! Follow directional arrows in aisles for walking to pews. No seating in chapel or west transept.
    • Practice social distancing by staying 6 feet from others, at all times, i.e. entering/exiting church, sitting in pews - 3 people per pew.
    • Do not congregate or socialize before or after mass.
    • A face mask/face covering must be worn before entering church and remain on at all times except at reception of communion. Hand sanitizer must be used before entering church.
    • No public access to sacristy. No religious articles/papers should be brought into the church. Bulletin is on website.
    • Those not receiving communion, must leave their pew, walk forward, and bypass the priest, to avoid climbing over anyone. At the direction of a volunteer the communion line will be single file, row by row with 6 feet distancing.
    • How to receive Holy Communion: Row by row with proper hand-over-hand position/outstretched arm, communicants will receive consecrated host in their hand, step to the side, lower mask, consume host, replace mask, return to seat.
    • After mass exit pews row by row as directed by a volunteer through handicapped door only and return to your cars.
    • Sacristy bathroom for emergency needs only.

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